How To Get Rid Of And Kill Silverfish Bugs

Are you at the end of your rope with these little buggers? Are you seeing little chew holes in your books or clothes? Are you imagining all the places they are hiding that you CAN’T see?

fedupMost people at first dont think too much about silverfish because they are usually out of sight. But then… you start seeing weird holes in your wallpaper, or some of your clothes start to have little holes in them.. even your books or cereal boxes begin to have tiny chew marks on them! What are they? Why are they in your house? So you do a little research and realize that you might be infested…. with silverfish. Ugh!

Your next question probably is: can they harm you? Good news is, there are no reports of silverfish attack humans directly, however, they can harm a lot of items in your home. They eat everything from your coffee, sugar, carpet, clothing, hair, dead skin, and the worst of them all , they even eat your favorite books!

So now you’ve decided to take action. Here are some common solutions:

The most common home solution for these bugs is Boric Acid. Although the name “Boric Acid” sounds dangerous, It is generally considered to be not much more toxic than ordinary table salt, and while relatively non-toxic to people and their pets, it is absolutely fatal to cockroaches, ants, termites, silverfish and other common household insects. It’s usually available in your local home improvement store or grocerystore and it’s not very expensive. Sprinkle some around the bottom of the kitchen cabinets, in the corners of all the rooms, around the bottom of bathroom vanites, along the corners of the floor of bathroom closets, and also the bottom drawers of kitchen and bathroom shelves, bookshelves and any other areasof the house that think could be infested with silverfish.

The next step is for preventing future problems: stay vigilant with keeping these areas clean. Start by doing a thorough cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom(s) and make sure you keep them dry wherever possible. Bathrooms can very easily become feeding grounds for silverfish, especially since they are usually dark, and humid. Silverfish thrive on hair and dead skin, as well as on paper products, so you can imagine how important a clean bathroom is when it comes to prevention.

Try to keep the moisture in your house low. If possible, consider buying a dehumidifier as this can also be an investment in your home; it will keep things dry in your house and keep the silverfish pests at bay.

These three steps, if implemented properly, will definitely help reduce the silverfish infestations in your home. When you see a silverfish in your house, take action on getting rid of them right away. They reproduce very fast and they can really do some damage if you do not address the problem immediately. Following these simple steps will save you some major stress and other expenses due to destroyed or damaged items. Silverfish can be really annoying, but you can fight back by taking action and get rid of them immediately.