Do Silverfish Bite?

When you think about a pest, you would think that it could harm someone or it could bite you. However, when you see a silverfish in your home, you ask, “Do silverfish bite?”. Do not worry because silverfish pests do not bite.

Silverfish are one of the most common insects that may infest and feed some items that can be found in your homes. You can find them lurking in dark, humid and moist areas, like bathrooms sinks, attics and other areas in your house where they can find food. There has never been an account that they have bitten humans. They have never directly harm humans. But, these silverfish bugs are considered pests because they can damage a lot of household items like your wallpapers, clothes, books and others that have glue or paste on it.

It is important that you know how these silverfish pets look like. They are small insects (between 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch) and have shimmering, silver-colored scales. Whenever they move, their tail ends move to and from much similar to a fish’s fin, that’s why they are called silverfish.

Silverfishes do chew and those their chewing and eating may damage paper, clothing and other items. They also feed on products that have sugar and flour and other products containing those. But despite their ability to chew holes in paper, they do never bite human beings so that is a relief.

These silverfish pests are somewhat sneaky. Because they are very small, they can easily slip into very small spaces due to their size and flattened body structure. You may start looking for these pests in your cupboards and drawers, beneath the bathtub, in corner crevices and in seams of wallpaper. Even if you have looked really closely, your homes may still have them. Look for silverfish in dark areas because they enjoy the dark and are most active at night as they are very nocturnal, indeed. Therefore, you may have silverfish in your home without you knowing it.

So how do we prevent these pests from infesting our homes?

One famous solution is using Boric acid. You may also use pesticides to get rid of silverfish. But the most important and safe solution is by getting their food sources in your homes. Whenever there is moisture, there are silverfish. Therefore, ┬ákeep the moisture at home at a minimum since they hate dry environments. By controlling the ┬ámoisture in your house will also help prevent mold and mildew which is a common factor upon which these bugs like to feed. Keep all your food that has grains and others like cereals, flour, sugar, cookies and other cupboard items in tightly sealed containers and don’t leave them on their carton boxes. Diligent and thorough cleaning and drying will surely help.

Make sure that you don’t mix up silverfish bugs to other pests. Silverfish are sometimes mistaken for centipedes, which do inflict painful bites. One way to tell the difference is to note how many legs the bug has. Upon close inspection of a silverfish, you’ll see that it only has six legs and centipedes have more.



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