Get Rid of Silverfish Naturally

Whenever we see these pests called silverfish in any parts of the house, make sure that we get rid of them quickly. A lot of people will think of using harmful chemicals immediately, but there are actually ways that you can apply to get rid of them without the use of these products.

So how to get rid of silverfish naturally?

The first and most important step on getting rid of silverfish bugs is to get rid of excess moisture in your home. It has been known that these silverfish pests thrive in areas that has the presence of moisture like the attic, laundry rooms, kitchen and bathrooms sinks and even your garage. They are quickly attracted to areas with high humidity and water. Immediately fix any leaky pipes and invest in a dehumidifier. Although this product will cost you, it will keep silverfish at bay.

Another important step is to take precautions that you would with other bugs. This means that you keep your place clean and the floor free of old food or crumbs. These pests are like any other pests. If there is a presence of food around, for sure they will thrive. They can eat  numerous materials such as paper, crumbs, mold, cotton, silk and linen. They also love paste and starch that is why you can also see them thrive in wallpapers, books and bookshelves.  So whenever you see a silverfish infestation, immediately seal up your cracks and fill the holes in your house and even the edges in your walls and foundation. By doing so, it will prevent these pests form entering.

You may also try using garlic cloves. Use whole cloves to deter silverfish, as they hate the smell of garlic cloves. Place cloves conspicuously in areas where you see frequent silverfish. Do not miss out on cracks and holes or even the back corners and shelves that you feel they might be hiding in. Eventually the silverfish will give up because the smell of cloves will be everywhere and this will be like a kryptonite for them. If this does not work, you may try using lavender. Dry them and put them on the same areas. Just like garlic cloves, they will hate the smell of lavender and will die eventually.

All the steps mentioned about are just precautionary measures when dealing with silverfish.

The best advice that we could give on how to get rid of silverfish naturally still lies in proper and cautious initiative of homeowners in their homes. It is very important to keep your homes clean and dry all the time as this not only prevents the presence of silverfish but all other pests as a whole. Make sure that you and all family members make a joint effort to fight back with the pests whether they are silverfish or not. But if any of these steps does not work, you may contact your trusted pest control provider and have them scan your whole house for presence of silverfish as well as other pesky little pests.

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