What Causes Silverfish at Home?

You might not realize it but there can be silverfish bugs lurking around your house. This sneaky critters will appear at night catching you off guard. Good thing that these bugs are considered to be harmless as far as health is concerned. But although they are harmless and do not bring diseases, they can destroy our properties that are beloved to us.

But what causes silverfish to thrive at our homes?

Silverfish bugs love to stay in places that are high moisture, dark and has food on it. When I say food, it means objects that contain starch on them.

The places you can often find these bugs thriving at night can be on your bathroom sink, kitchen sink, your kitchen cupboards, your bookshelves, attic and even your closet. They love to eat your wallpapers, magazines, books and the cereal boxes you left open in the cabinet. They also love your cotton shirt that you kept without drying in the closet.

Silverfish bugs are easy to eliminate. All you need to do is get rid their food source and make sure that you keep every area in your homes clean and dry.

You must remind all your family members to make a conscious effort in the house to make sure that you keep all areas clean and dry. When you are opening food from the boxes, do not leave them open. You must immediately put it in tightly sealed containers to prevent it from contamination. Throw away the boxes immediately so it won’t be reachable by silverfish and other pests. Keep your bathroom and kitchen dry at all times. Invest in clean towels and wipe off wet areas. Make sure that you clean up fallen cookie and bread crumbs around the house.

When you have open walls and holes in the house, make sure that you seal it off immediately so that silverfish and other pests will not encouraged to enter your house. Your wallpaper must also be well taken cared of so seal off any holes immediately.

Do not put away wet clothes inside your closet as this may not only damage your clothes, it will also bring a disgusting odor in your closet affecting other clothes inside. Make sure that when you put off the clothes in the closet, they are dry and smell good.

You may use dry lavender leaves in keeping the silverfish bugs away from your beloved books. Or you may buy Boric Acid in your favorite home improvement store or grocery and spread it around the areas which you think the silverfish bugs thrive as this is like a poison to them. Just be careful that you keep this out of reach of your children and pests.

Investing in a dehumidifier can be costly yet it can be worth it as it will definitely keep everything in the house dry. This means that you can be sure that you will keep your unwanted visitors away from the house.

Getting rid of silverfish bugs is easy and can be done in natural ways. Start getting rid of them today!

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